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Lepin volta a atacar os MOCs!

por baixinho, em 05.04.17

Chinese rip-off set

A Lepin volta a atacar os MOCs construídos pelos AFOLs. Desta vez a vítima foi o John Hall, conhecido pelos seus aviões alternativos.

Atitude lamentável e que infelizmente é potenciada pelos compradores. Comprar este tipo de produtos é incentivar o roubo!

Já agora, fica aqui o comentário colocado pelo próprio autor e que revela ainda mais a falta de escrúpulos desta empresa.

It's been brought to my attention that this set has appeared on a Chinese website. It's clearly a rip-off of one of my mocs. I know people say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I'm afraid I don't feel very flattered right now, just annoyed. I put the instructions up free of charge so people in the Lego community could use them however they wanted.

I was actually contacted by a guy from China a few months ago about using my designs for commercial sets but I politely declined because I work with Lego in my day job, at Dorling Kindersley books - I design Lego-themed books in collaboration with TLC. Any collaboration with their competitors would cause terrible political problems with my relationship with them, and worst case scenario I could lose my job. As these were produced without my consent I should be okay, but I have unfortunately been forced to take down all my instructions from Mediafire. Of course whoever did this probably has downloaded them all already. If someone really wants some instructions FM me and I can send them to you.


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