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Quando é que tu sabes que és um AFOL!

por baixinho, em 09.07.09

You Know You're An AFOL When...

...when you visit three Toys 'R Uses in the metropolitan area just to see what the selection difference is.

...when the girl at the doors recognises that you're probably not shopping for kids.

...when your monthly budget for LEGO is more than for eating. nearly faint due to lack of food, because you spent the last 12 hours with your Lego. waste (to some anyway) your Sunday taking pictures of your Lego to show to people hundreds of miles away. remember what year something took place by thinking of the Lego you bought at the time.

...When you get in the habit of removing sections of your body and sticking another in it's place.

...Your house has more storage for LEGO bricks then anything else- like your clothes.

...You use your vacation days to travel all over for LEGO events

...You spend almost as much money on 'cool storage boxes' as you do for your LEGO.

...You build while your dreaming.....

...when you buy more than one set. Sure, one will do as a gift for your younger cousin, but you'd better get one for yourself too. In fact, why not get a third for spare pieces?

...when your collection is bigger than all your kid's toys combined.

...people go in your Lego room and stare in shock at the piles of Plano and Sterilite bins.

...when you refer to plastic sorting bins by brand name.

...when your mother-in-law buys you more Lego than she does for the grandkids.

...when you invite fellow AFOLs over to your house for non-lego events and people refer to them as your "Lego friends".

...when you find yourself making measurements in studs instead of inches or centimeters... come across an obvious box trap with a single LEGO brick as bait and go for it anyway...

...Inspiration strikes and you end up building half the day in underwear and a sock...


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Escusado será dizer que me revejo em muitas destas linhas... :D


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