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The Rotating Enigma Temple

por baixinho, em 07.06.10

O Ztp apresentou este WIP uns dias atrás no Fórum 0937.



Many perished at the will of The Rotating Enigma Temple build by the Ancient. Greed and impatience are not good qualities to those who want to unleash the enigma of the Temple. The last interpretations of the message on the Temple walls seem to mention tokens of the four elements water, earth, fire and air, are locked in jars and ultimately unlock the power of the precious enigma case that is at the very centre of the temple. That can be seen when the corridors align with the entrances! A particular sequence and synchronization is required to unlock the entire system, or else the Guardian Lions release their rage. The role, in the entire Enigma, of the crystal dome at the top of the temple is still a mystery!

Who will accomplish to successful unlock the secrets of the Rotating Enigma Temple and gain the power of the four elements.


Sim, já o vi e já o vi também a "funcionar", genial  Muito Fixe
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